Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i cant sleep!!!

its 1 40 am and i have like three tests tomorow that im not ready for and i cant sleep! i dont know what to do! plus im scared because of that stupid house game on kayleighs profile. haha. i dont know why it scares me, i think its the sound effects.
--so im posting a blog to occupy me.
today was my brothers 27th birthday and we went to cyclone anaya's for dinner. my mom gets tipsy REALLY fast and she had four margaritas and a cigarette and for the FIRST TIME EVER i saw my dad smoke! haha it was pretty amazing. it was the first time he had smoked for twenty years so that probably explains why i havent seen him smoke before. FINALLY a bad example! hahahaa now i can get away with stuff. ;] yeah so tomorrow the cars going to smell like smoke and people are going to think ive been smoking i think. idk haha. but i cannot wait till im 18! im going to another country i havent decided on and having fun since the legal age everywhere else but here is 18. they should definetly change the law, here. im thinking mexico would be best for my trip. its close and inexpensive? i have no idea. or JAMAICA! but as long as im going on a trip with my besties its gonna be awesome.
im going to make a list of all the places i want to go so im ging to go do that. .. i think itsgoing to be reeeeeeeeealy long :]


  1. ahhh! HAHA
    i have the perfect place that we can go. (im adding it on my bucket list to do with you if you want) see in San Antonio there is this place by the train tracks and a long time ago there was this bus full of children that brock down of somthing. but it was stuck on the tracks and all of a sudden a train hit them and they all died. and they say that if you go there now and turn off your car while your on the rail road tracks that the spirets of the little children will push you across the track so you wont get hit by the train. and if you roll down the window then you will hear there little foot steps on the ground. my friend from school was the one who told me about this and she said that she did it and she turned off the car and the car started to roll off the tracks. and she heard the little foot steps. WE HAVE TO DO THAT! LIKE OMG YES! and video recored. ppl say that its just not one of those lame old really works. and its real! the children acctualy push you. AHHH! haha wow this is alot. ok....well yea. and i will go to jamaca!!

    jamacken me crazy man! HAHAHA :]